Words from the Wise

Every so often, when someone is feeling down or just having a bad day, it is always nice to try and cheer them up somehow. Our residents are always doing this for us. Whether we are down or not, they always have something sweet and smart to say. We like to think of them as Words from the Wise. The great Advice from the Ages. And sometimes just plain on point and what you needed to hear. However, we aren’t always down or having a bad day, but we sometimes just want to hear what they have to tell us. They know best. So…we ask them questions about life.

“How do you know when someone loves you?”

“You just know.” – Elizabeth J.

“What makes a happy marriage?”

“A little give and take. Having arguments, but never ending on an argument!” – -Elizabeth J.

“Happy people.” – Hayden M.

And this is the great advice that we get!

Healthier Eating: Banana Crunch Pops

If you have a sweet tooth like many of us do, but would like a healthier alternative to an ice cream bar, try Banana Crunch Pops! Our residents made these sweet treats today and they were as tasty as they were easy.

~ You Will Need ~

Ingredients: 1/2 cup granola, 1/2 cup mini chocolate chips, shredded coconut, raisins, or nuts. 3 Bananas, 1/2 cup vanilla yogurt and 6 popsicle sticks. Makes 6 servings.


Peel and cut your bananas in half~ Place the popsicle in the banana~ Dip the banana in yogurt~ Roll in granola mixture~ Place on plate & freeze~ ENJOY!


Don’t forget to exercise and drink lots of water as well!

To Warm Your Heart

“My mother told me that while my father was away at war, that we would not cry the whole time. We would not shed a tear for three years. But my father knew that my mother would sneak off and cry on her own outside and he wanted someone to look after her when she would. He said not to let her know I was watching, but just be there if something happened to her. He said that he was very sorry to have to ask an eight year-old to do such a task, but that he was worried about his wife…So for three years, I secretly watched my mom sneak off and cry. She was so proud of herself for getting through the time my father was away all by herself. I think she was proud of herself until the day she died. And so I never told her I was there.” — Knolls Resident

Happy Presidents’ Day!

Interestingly enough, Presidents’ Day never actually falls on a president’s birthday. While there are four presidents who were born in the month of February, they were either born before the third Monday in the month or after. So happy birthday to George Washington, William Henry Harrison, Ronald Reagan and Abraham Lincoln…sometime this month!

In honor of today, here is quote by Thomas Jefferson to get you through tough times! His words are wise and remind us of all the great advice we hear from our residents.

“When angry, count to ten, before you speak; if very angry, a hundred.”

Thomas Jefferson, 1801-1809

Hello world!

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